Can we run a fundraiser with the Fairfield Comedy Club?
Damn right you can! We offer a few ways that we can partner with your charity or group and we're always looking for more ways to be a part of the community! Please email us at info@fairfieldcomedyclub.com for more info.

We'd like to have a private show either at the Circle Hotel or at another venue.  Can you help?  
Damn right again! We'd love to book and or produce a show with you. Email us at info@fairfieldcomedyclub.com with some specifics as to what you are looking for and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Your shows are BYOB? What does that mean exactly?
The technical explanation of BYOB is "Bring Your Own Bottle, Booze, or Beer" depending on your specific geography and dialect.  What it means for us is that we are not selling drinks, but we still want you to have a good time.  So bring whatever you'd like.  Beer, wine, liquor, mixers.  Hell, some nuts once brought a pony keg.  Just keep in mind that there aren't tables, so the easier your drinks are to pour, store and drink, the better!  We do also sell souvenir cups for only $5, and the Circle Hotel generously has ice available.

Can I bring food?
We sell candy, but sure, bring some snacks if you want.  Just keep in mind, there are no tables, so keep it simple, and avoid spaghetti!

Do I have reserved seats or should I arrive early?
Nope, all seats are general admission theatre-style seating. But if you arrive 15 minutes before showtime you and your party should have no problem finding seats together.

Is the comedy club handicap accessible?
There is a handicap-accessible entrance to the club at the rear entrance to the hotel, and parking is available there as well.  There are handicap-accessible restrooms as well just down the hall from the showroom.  We are happy to reserve easily accessible seating to meet your needs.  Please email us in advance of your show at info@fairfieldcomedyclub.com so we can prepare seating for you and to let us know if there are any other needs we can accommodate.